Sunday, October 13, 2002

So, first blog. Yay!

I woke up at like 7:30 this morning. That's not crazy unusual or anything, given I fell asleep at like midnight. But I've never been over disposed to getting out of bed, so it's still a bit odd. It's almost noon now, and I've accomplished approximately jack. I have a paper on the Early Christian Church I really ought to be working on, but I've been trolling through blogs instead. This weekend's been different, and I think that's why today's been so stupid and why I don't feel like working on my paper.

Friday night I had hot chocolate with my friend Jody and started plotting our potential (So, it's supposed to be sort of rock solid, but I don't believe it'll come off, I really don't) trip to Europe this summer. The funny thing about Jody is that I...sort of don't really know her that well. We talked some like six years ago, when I was a freshman in high school and she was a senior, but we were never like best pals, so it's sort of crazy that we just up and decided to go off to Europe together. And we're different. Imagine this tall, pretty, Aryan-looking lady in a dress walking into a coffee shop with a short, sort of stereotypically Jewish-looking, rather plump kid dressed in what I like to describe as angry geek wear, together. She's a born again type, my nickname in high school was know, it's all Odd Couple-esque. But I like her okay because she doesn't make fun of me for sounding like Cliff from Cheers. Plus, she wants to go to Europe, unlike my other sissy friends.

After hot chocolate (yeah, I hate coffee...I know it's supposed to be all cool to drink it and stuff, but I don't like it, so there), I came home and felt sick. I slept all day Saturday practically, and went to a lousy football game with my father and brother Saturday night. I go to a lot of high school football games, not because I'm a huge fan of them, but because my social life sucks and they're something cheap to do that makes people I care about happy. But last night sucked because I was sick and sort of generally depressed. I was asleep again by midnight, so it feels like Saturday never happened at all. And now it's Sunday and I'm supposed to be attending my school work. But I'm starting a blog instead.

This is very likely to be a boring blog. Even as I write this, I'm considering posting my general distaste for, you know...the world and life as we know it and laundry and the like. But maybe I'll do it in a little while. I'm not a journal kind of person after all. My life's too frigging boring for that. Besides, either my dad, or my brother, or somebody just drove in. And I'm hungry, so maybe I can beg my supper.