Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thursday's Idol & Wrestling. In order of import.

I'm up this early to take The Boy to his first elite wrestling tournament. He's on the elite team now. I keep using the word elite because that's the word he likes. Elite. Oh yeah, he's one of the few, the proud.

Unfortunately for the grown up among us, this means waking up way too early on a Saturday. It's unnatural.

I was disappointed by Thursday's Idol. I predicted that Patrick and Bobby would be the first boys to fall. I still wish it was David though. Early pick for next week is David; out of meaningless, originless animosity toward the poor boy.

I'm too much of a softy to be glad Becky went home. I knew she would, but I still feel bad. I always start to like everybody right before they get voted off. She wasn't so bad really; she was humble enough to know it was coming. I really liked Stevie. She's one whose album I might actually buy when it's released if she gets to really do her own thing. Early pick for next week for the girls is Heather.

Oh yes, I now have a meaningless Idol blog!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol.

I no longer have shame.

I watch American Idol. I love American Idol. I've seen every episode this season, even though almost all of them have been Tivo'd since my life is far too busy to spend actually watching tv. And yet, somehow I've managed to make the time. Clean house? That can wait. Food for the children? They won't starve. Homework? Meh, I'll pass without it. Idol's on baby!

So, to me, it's almost amazing how much more memorable and talented the girls are than the guys this season. Kelly Pickler has no mamma and a daddy in prison; Mandesa's chubby, Christian and not afraid to make Simon feel the pain; Paris Bennett has narrowly averted wardrobe malfunctions (and at only 17!). Some of the guys are worth remembering. Taylor's working the grey hair angle; Kevin is squishy; Ace has that Constantine-lite effect.

Seriously, Ace kind of freaks me out. As Paula pointed out, choosing George Michael's "Father Figure" was definitely an attempt to appeal to, erm, not just the young ladies. That may actually prove to be a viable career move. Bobby makes me wonder too; I mean, the guy talks about Barry Manilow to an unhealthy degree.

Will Makar tries too hard. I know he's only sixteen, but the kid reminds me of people I used to meet in Academic Challenge or Odyssey of the Mind. Yeah, he's talented, but nobody normal is ever going to accept him; and he'll never be happy because he's only talented because he desperately, madly wants cool people to like him.

I can't help liking Kevin. He's so cute and he looks pretty much like every boy in my family. Except he lacks the total awkward, shattering low-self esteem of all people in my genetic tree.

Why is David Radford still in this competition? Once again, it feels wrong to make fun of high school kids, but dang. He's like everybody you ever knew that was just a little too serious about drama club in high school.

Brenna did much to redeem herself. I don't like her still, but I'm not going to be disappointed if she's not disqualified this week. Obviously her cattiness stems from her upbringing; I think that's true, not just an angle to win.

I love Mandesa. She really means it. I hope she gets more air time because she's really very funny.

I won't be sad if Patrick, Bobby, Will or David aren't coming back next week. I think Elliot is overrated, though I dig the quasi-amish look he's going for. My prediction is that Patrick and Bobby will be out. As for the girls, I think Stevie Scott is great, but not really fit for a pop contest. I think she'll be quick to go. Becky Donahue is too pretty with too little talent. The girls will all hate her, and her target high school aged boys audience won't tune into the show until the finale and by then it'll be too late. Mandesa, Paris, Kelly, Lisa and that the basketball playing girl whose name I don't remember are going to be the real competition here. The rest will slowly be culled away. I don't expect Stevie or Becky back next week.

I like Bucky. The name fits. He looks like a cocaine freak that used to hit on me at Strohm's on Karaoke night. You know I've always been secretly into the really filthy hillbilly look. If he can tone down the gritty voice act, I think he has potential.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Personal tragedies x 3.

My grandmother used to say that bad things come in threes.

I found out last night that someone I used to know is in the hospital. As of last night, they weren't giving him more than thirty-six hours to live. It's very sad. I liked him a lot. He used to tease me because I had a crush on his youngest son when we were in school together. I feel bad for his kids. They've had a rough run of things in life and they were all close to their dad.

Diabetes plus alcoholism is a bad combination. It doesn't mean he wasn't a good guy, though. Just bad luck plus bad choices; it's something we're all guilty of.

I still haven't heard anything about the friend who is missing.

This week sort of blows.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Misery, Layoffs, MIA, Sports and Exhaustion..

I'm sort of having a lousy couple of weeks.

I don't think I wrote about it here before, but my dad's factory is being shut down. It's official now. So the official worrying over my parent's well-being has begun.

A friend emailed me yesterday, saying that a friend we both used to hang out with has been missing for over a week. It looks bad. The email contained the phrase "corpse sniffing dogs." This has me very worried. It's not that I'm terribly close to anyone from that group of friends now, much less the missing guy, but it's terrible thinking of people you once loved having to go through such absolute horror.

These stressors, plus other stressors, are putting me into a bad frame of mind. I'm terribly concerned that I'm being taken advantage of and being pushed around. Mind you, I have been being taken advantage of and being pushed around for some time now, only it wasn't really bothering me before. My change in attitude is based on ulterior misery. I'm hoping to get back to a better frame of mind soon.

I'm getting kind of worn out and tired; from stress and from sickness, and from being broke from having to pay so many damned medical bills.

I'm working on this project that compares two local elementary schools: one in a rich neighborhood; the other in the ghetto. I was taking pictures of the buildings today. I was way paranoid. I kept thinking I would be arrested or something, for preying on children, even though that has nothing to do with it. Our crazy society, plus my own natural paranoia, makes life difficult for me sometimes.

Mystery Baby has learned that if I say "One..." she should say "Two" and then we both say "Three!" and she jumps. Ty has learned that if I say "Three" he should say "Two" and then he says "One" and then we both say "BLAST OFF!" and he jumps. That's the difference five months makes in a baby's development. It's fun to watch them both growing.

The Boy lost his wrestling match last night. The Boy has very bad luck. The ref actually scored his match wrong. He should have gotten three points that weren't credited to him. That would have tied up the match, and he would have gotten another chance at his opponent. The Boy usually kicks in better at the end, and is slow coming out of the gate, so he would have had a good chance at winning. He was really upset. We didn't tell him about his score being messed up; it would only have made him more upset.

The bright side of it is that he's been invited to join the district's elite wrestling team. He's excited about it, and he'll get a real uniform and headgear. The downside for me is that my Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus half the Saturdays and Sundays of every month will have to be dedicated to wrestling. As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting kind of worn out and tired. I was looking forward to sports ending. If he joins the team for sure, there won't be any let up 'til April. Meh.

Then there are baseball sign ups, too. Meh!

In any case, I have actual work I should be doing. And I'm going to actually go and do it now.

I'm going to try to start blogging more soon. It's good for me, maybe. And I always like looking at my archives. When I don't post, I don't get archives, so this is a pattern that needs to stop.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Quick post. Very quick. Time limit. Nothing much to say.

Life is okay. Sickness is getting somewhat better. Blood pressure was 75/55 the other day; this is the cause of some concern. Vertigo is being contained for the most part.

The Boy won his first match at his wrestling tournament. I'm proud of him. He has to wrestle again tomorrow, but I think he'll take gold. That's my Boy!

School sucks. A lot. I've been writing papers like mad. I have a huge project due on Monday, and I have no desire to call the people I'd have to call to get it done as well as I should. Meh.

I had a kind of lousy weekend. Ended up not getting to do anything I wanted to because I was waiting for someone who isn't nearly as dedicated to their own happiness as I am. It's becoming a trend.

I'm considering doing something way out of character. It would require daring and courage. And I'm terrified I'll flop and people I very much want to like me will, in fact, have reason to dislike me. Doing what I'm doing now is easier, if not as rewarding. And I am being of some use, currently, so I don't know if the risk is worth taking. Also, I would have to wear uncomfortable clothing. That's a bigger issue for me than it should be.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

Writing Center.

My university has a program aimed at helping poor writers improve their skills enough to write college-level papers. I've only had to use it once; by force, actually, as it was a requirement of my "Welcome to College" class. I've always said that the damn thing does more harm than good. The folks running it aren't better writers than the kids they're supposedly helping. Check out the most recent evidence:

"Hey [NameOfMyUniversity] Students,
Attached for you is your [NameOfMyUniversity] Writing Center Newsletter.
You are invited to attend the first Writing Center Workshop at the
Campus Coffee House on February 7 during common hour. Bring your
lunch and undress your writing process with us."

Oh, one might claim that it's literary flair. But I blame horny post-adolescents plus poor editing.

It's a good damn thing that Cs get degrees.