Monday, July 10, 2006

When Worlds Collide.

On Sunday, I went to our town's fourth of July festival.

My dad and I were walking around looking for the rest of my extended family, who are invariably present for such events. When we found them, I also happened upon a group of people from church who were all walking around together.

My sister came over and introduced herself to my church friends. She started complaining about my nephew Robbie. "I told him, you have to hold that girl's hand! It's important to be physical when you're just starting a relationship."

My church friends looked confused and laughed, and the mother of a fourteen year-old girl told her daughter: "M., don't hold hands with boys!"

My sister looked perplexed.

"These are my church friends." I said.

My sister's eyes got big. "Ohhh, well that explains it."