Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday's a little better.

I'm doing a little better today. I had a good day yesterday after all. A good friend of mine had a worse day yesterday than I did and that gave me some perspective. Everyone has rough spells and Lord knows I'm vulnerable to anything dark. But I'm trying to remember that time has a way of changing things. Nothing lasts forever; not my depression, not my happiness either. I'd be cheating myself out of the happiest days of my life if all I did was concentrate on how unimportant I am.

X. and I played Mario Superstrikers for like, five hours yesterday. He's begging me to come play with him now, and, I might oblige. The only day of Spring Break that X. and The Boy have in common is this Friday. Jasmin thinks her mom wants them Friday, but I'm hoping I get to have them. I almost never get them together when there's time to do anything fun. I know it would cheer me up to do something good with the boys.

I miss TyTy. Maybe I can get him for a while this weekend.