Friday, March 10, 2006

TyTy's spending the weekend.

It's a new day. And I'm glad because I woke up happy.

This weekend will be sort of fun, I think. I get my baby (excuse me, toddler) nephew from sometime today until afternoon Monday. I think I have it worked out so I can have him every Sunday for a while. I'll really like that; I've missed having him all the time.

Today marks the official last day of the quarter, barring finals. I already did my final in my Race and Ethnicity class, so I only have a Stats final left to do. I'm halfway done with it, and of course, should totally be working on it now. But it's not due until Wednesday, so I'm not terribly worried about it.

I'm glad this quarter is over. It's been a rough one. This was the first quarter I've had in grad school where I sort of freaked out a little about getting things done. It worked out though. I've gotten through it, and hopefully next quarter will be less demanding.

I'm going to have a psych class next quarter. I'm not totally looking forward to it, because I've never enjoyed a psych class before. But I guess my experiences in psych are limited. And this is about drug addiction or something, so I suppose it has obvious useful applications in the life of a social worker. So hopefully it will be all good.

My classes got switched to Tuesday and Thursday for next quarter, which makes me quite happy. I hate having class on Monday; it's a bad way to start a week. And I really hate having it on Wednesday because it means I miss church every week. Tuesday and Thursday is nicer.

I wonder how my classes are going to mesh up with the soccer season. At least there are always Saturday games. I suppose Monday/Saturday is a bit much to hope for, so far as soccer seasons go.