Thursday, February 23, 2006

American Idol.

I no longer have shame.

I watch American Idol. I love American Idol. I've seen every episode this season, even though almost all of them have been Tivo'd since my life is far too busy to spend actually watching tv. And yet, somehow I've managed to make the time. Clean house? That can wait. Food for the children? They won't starve. Homework? Meh, I'll pass without it. Idol's on baby!

So, to me, it's almost amazing how much more memorable and talented the girls are than the guys this season. Kelly Pickler has no mamma and a daddy in prison; Mandesa's chubby, Christian and not afraid to make Simon feel the pain; Paris Bennett has narrowly averted wardrobe malfunctions (and at only 17!). Some of the guys are worth remembering. Taylor's working the grey hair angle; Kevin is squishy; Ace has that Constantine-lite effect.

Seriously, Ace kind of freaks me out. As Paula pointed out, choosing George Michael's "Father Figure" was definitely an attempt to appeal to, erm, not just the young ladies. That may actually prove to be a viable career move. Bobby makes me wonder too; I mean, the guy talks about Barry Manilow to an unhealthy degree.

Will Makar tries too hard. I know he's only sixteen, but the kid reminds me of people I used to meet in Academic Challenge or Odyssey of the Mind. Yeah, he's talented, but nobody normal is ever going to accept him; and he'll never be happy because he's only talented because he desperately, madly wants cool people to like him.

I can't help liking Kevin. He's so cute and he looks pretty much like every boy in my family. Except he lacks the total awkward, shattering low-self esteem of all people in my genetic tree.

Why is David Radford still in this competition? Once again, it feels wrong to make fun of high school kids, but dang. He's like everybody you ever knew that was just a little too serious about drama club in high school.

Brenna did much to redeem herself. I don't like her still, but I'm not going to be disappointed if she's not disqualified this week. Obviously her cattiness stems from her upbringing; I think that's true, not just an angle to win.

I love Mandesa. She really means it. I hope she gets more air time because she's really very funny.

I won't be sad if Patrick, Bobby, Will or David aren't coming back next week. I think Elliot is overrated, though I dig the quasi-amish look he's going for. My prediction is that Patrick and Bobby will be out. As for the girls, I think Stevie Scott is great, but not really fit for a pop contest. I think she'll be quick to go. Becky Donahue is too pretty with too little talent. The girls will all hate her, and her target high school aged boys audience won't tune into the show until the finale and by then it'll be too late. Mandesa, Paris, Kelly, Lisa and that the basketball playing girl whose name I don't remember are going to be the real competition here. The rest will slowly be culled away. I don't expect Stevie or Becky back next week.

I like Bucky. The name fits. He looks like a cocaine freak that used to hit on me at Strohm's on Karaoke night. You know I've always been secretly into the really filthy hillbilly look. If he can tone down the gritty voice act, I think he has potential.