Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ty Goes to Church.

I am writing, currently, because I am supposed to be cleaning. Worse yet, I'm supposed to be forcing the boys to clean. As much as I dislike cleaning personally, I've found that it's usually easier to do it myself than it is to try to make the boys do it. X is actually a good cleaner by nature, and Kobe is usually pretty obedient if not overly thrilled it's cleaning time. The Boy is just...The Boy about these things though.

When you take three boys who are quite comfortable with each other, and force them to do something that they don't like at all, you get screaming and fussing and squawking and fist fighting. I've yet to discover why an hour-long cleaning job is better for having been drawn out into a four hour job, between the slacking and intermittent time-outs; but the boys have continually assured me through their behavior that it is in fact superior to draw things out as long as humanly possible.

Nevertheless, today will be spent cleaning and sorting through old toys that need to be given away.

I don't think I can be blamed for taking a few minutes to gather my thoughts before the deluge.

I spent yesterday with the boys and with Ty. I was stoked because Ty was going to spend the night with me. I haven't had him much at all lately, and it's been months since he spent a proper night with me. He's getting so big now and learning so much.

I guess it's not really that impressive that, at a year-and-a-half he can count to ten. But damn! That's my smart boy!

I took him to church for the first time last night. Well, to church while services were actually going on for the first time. He loved it. He stayed in the nursery for the first part and had a blast. There was another baby in there - Matt's niece, actually - who is a week younger than Ty and they've played together before. They had a blast, I guess. They fought over who got to push the little babies in the swing. And K., the other baby, learned how to say "TyTy!" and would chase him around saying his name and trying to give him food.

Ty has a way with the ladies. He has this Bad Boy image that comes from his absolute fearlessness at the prospect of climbing up anything as soon as the grown ups backs are turned. Not to mention his minimal crying after the ensuing falling off of said anything. The little girls always chase him and he pretends not to notice. They're like "TyTy! TyTy! ::googly eyes::" and he's all: "One...Two...Nine...Five ::cool, feigned non-interest::"

For reasons I don't totally understand, the church opened up the kitchen and started passing out free cookies after service. I was happy; Ty was elated. I think he ate like three icing coating, sugar-filled cookies all by himself. He then ran around the tables for about forty-five minutes, before collapsing, exhausted at my feet. We went home and slept. Yay!

Anyway, I think he liked church. I think he'll like to go again sometime. I hope I can keep him on Wednesdays and Sundays more often.

Damn, I've got to go and clean. Blah. More when I'm done maybe.