Monday, December 26, 2005

Merry Christmas.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was great. I don't have much time to update.

I got good presents this year: a juicer; a wireless router for Jas' house; some dvds of old cartoons, etc. Jasmin bought me clothes. I had to wear them to church. That was embarassing. I survived it though. Amazing, I think, but perhaps not so impressive to people who wear sweaters more than once a year.

I gave good presents this year. Ty and Tristan got a crocodile thingy, filled with megablocs. When the kids are done playing with the blocks, the crocodile becomes like a sweeper and eats them up. Ty and Mystery Baby got one of those sit n' spin dealys. This one plays Simon Says with them. They're too young for it still, but by this time next year I can tell it will be a favorite.

I hadn't seen TyTy since the day before Thanksgiving, so seeing him again was sort of my favorite Christmas present. I get to have him again on Wednesday and next Tuesday too. This makes me very happy. It was nice to know that he missed me too. He covered me in huge, drooly baby kisses. There's no better kind. Except maybe, dry baby kisses. But I never seem to get those.

Anyway, the past few weeks have been crazy because I've had nursery duty at church while folks practice for choir and the Christmas play. This is fun, but surprisingly labor intensive. I did get to go with Mystery Baby to look at holiday lights, and I did way too much Christmas shopping.

I'm reorganizing all my stuff. It'll be nice to have a place for everything again. It will be annoying to not be able to remember where that place is for the first few weeks post reorganization. It will be all good.

I'm happy. I hope you're happy too.

Hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow to write more.

Happy holidays! (That's right, you buggers, I said it! And I won't take it back either!)