Friday, December 09, 2005

Desire of My Heart.

It's sort of strange how you can miss people you see all of the time. As busy as everyone is, and as full of our own concerns as we all are, it's easy to just sort of pass each other in the hall without ever really connecting.

It's an awful feeling to miss someone. The only comfort there is in missing someone, is knowing that someone else is missing you too.

It's misery to find out that they're not; that all your comfort has been cold. What a lonesome place to be in life, loving someone who only loves you back most casually.

I know that only God is capable of loving us in the way that we yearn to be loved. I know that perfection is impossible for humanity. I know that it is only possible to perfectly love someone who perfectly loves you back. On Earth, perfect reciprocation is an impossibility. And our loves, our silly little loves, are limited things - full of anxiety and anguish.

I have two opposing desires in my heart. The first, to leave this world of attachment. To remove myself from my temptations and my misery. To go where I am alone with myself and with God. To love from afar, without attachment and without deception.

The other, to emerse myself in humanity. To go where the suffering are. To make them my own. To love them and to make them love me. To be in the midst of God's people, overcome by emotion, embracing suffering.

Which desire shall I follow?