Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Apologies to Ferg for the lack of updates. Life is hectic and eventful here, in the same totally boring and predictable way that it always is in Ohio.

The past few weeks have been, for me at least, a mess of various children. Since my last post, I've taken kids go-karting, to Mohican, organized soccer games in the park, prepared The Boy to join the school orchestra and taught Tyron how to count to three. These are not small accomplishments; they take more energy than I ever imagined while I was growing up. I have a new respect for my own mother now. She raised five children, with six grandchildren often in tow. However much energy all of it has taken, it doesn't seem like very much in print somehow.

Jas, Matt and kids are good. The Boy started school and he likes his teacher. X. says he likes school, too. His mom is pregnant; he's going to have a baby sister soon. Jas is still working like mad; so is Matt. They're thinking about another house, but you know, they've thought about other houses before so who knows?

I've got to crash because 6:00AM comes early. Promise more contact soon, Ferg-0. Things have to calm down eventually.