Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I am a bad person.

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When I first heard about the story of little Susan Torres, the baby girl born a few weeks ago to a cancer-ravaged mother who was being kept on life support only long enough to allow her child to be born, I was very moved. What a bold and wonderful statement against the Western world's culture of death. When I heard later that the little girl had died of a perforated intestine, I was devastated. What a horrible ending to such an inspiring story.

But being the evil wench that I am, I still couldn't help laughing when I read the headline: "Brain-Dead Mom's Baby Dies."

Seriously, where was the editor on that? I can think of a lot of stories that deserve that headline, for example: Baby Dies as Parents Play World of Warcraft and Baby Dies From Nappy Rash; but I still think that this case deserved a touch more sensitivity.