Thursday, August 18, 2005

This week sucks.

So this past week has sucked.

Last Thursday, The Boy threw up. The kids we'd had over all week had started throwing up the afternoon before. I started feeling kind of sickly on Thursday, but figured it was mental. Sort of like when you hear somebody has lice, and suddenly you're compulsed to scratch your head.

Then came the vomiting. The week long vomiting. The vomiting that continues even today, Thursday. A literal week of vomiting.

The worst part of it is that I can't go home when I'm sick. Because my mom's health is so fragile, and she's on immunosuppressants, I have to stay at Jasmin's. I can't complain because they're extremely nice to let me stay here, but it's hard for me to be sick away from home. For a whole blessed week.

In only half related news, I finally went to the doctor on Monday. It was just for a physical because, as of Monday, I was sure I just had the flu and would be getting over it soon. But I've had so many weird health problems in the last year (rapid unexplained weight loss, hair falling out, fainting spells, etc.) that he ended up spending over an hour with me and ordering a round of tests. I had bloodwork Tuesday, and nastier tests will likely follow soon. He threw around some scary possibilities for what could be wrong with me; I'm convinced that the symptoms are unrelated, and probably not serious. But this week of flu is making me nervous. Why am I not recovering faster?

So that's been stressful.

And then yesterday, I got in a car accident. An old lady rear-ended me at a stoplight. I had The Boy with me and was driving Jasmin's van, so that sort of triple sucked. The Boy and I are okay, but they gave me some shit painkiller at the hospital that made my stomach problems even worse. Now I've got muscle relaxers or something that I have to take, too. So that blows.

The funny thing was that we got hit right in front of this drivethrough in the ghetto. The owner is this nutty Macedonian woman, who can't mind her own business. She didn't see the accident; I know she didn't, because she was inside. But she still told everyone that the accident was my fault because I stopped too fast and that I wasn't wearing my seatbelt, and neither was the Boy. I'm a total Nazi about kids and seatbelts, so she's full of it. Plus, she was inside and couldn't see AND the van has tinted windows, so you can't really tell from the outside if someone's got a belt on or not. Also, if the driver doesn't wear their belt, the van beeps and lights flash, and you can't drive like that, so I had to wear it whether I liked to or not. Crackpot.

When we were leaving, she yelled and asked who got cited. I said: "She did, because she hit me." She said: "You were the one driving like a maniac! I see you all the time driving through here like a maniac! If you wouldn't have been trying to run that stoplight...!" I was like: "Well, whatever!" and kept walking. Jasmin was pissed. Because if the lady wasn't making up that she sees the van being driven by a maniac all the time, the maniac she would be referring to is Jasmin and not me. Now we can't buy overpriced milk at the ghetto drivethrough because Jasmin's put it on the banned list. It's kind of funny.

Plus, it's finals week. I have a paper to write today that has to be turned in by six. Best part of that is, my medicine makes me drowsy and I'm not allowed to drive on it. So, I pretty much have to wait until after my paper's turned in to take my medicine. That means that I get to write my final with a sore neck, back and head. And that sort of sucks too.

Enough complaining! Good parts of the week: Jasmin's a good friend, who doesn't mind my constant vomiting at her place, and wasn't mad that I got into a wreck in her car. I have a doctor that's thorough. No one was hurt in the accident; and despite a crazy Macedonian's best attempts, I wasn't cited for wrongdoing and the other lady had insurance.