Monday, July 11, 2005


The Jasmin Family is on vacation in South Carolina, so I am on de facto vacation as well. I'm housesitting while they're out of town, and it's just the dogs, cats, fish, plants and me. So long as none of the aforementioned die, and I keep objects of value at minimum breakage level, this should be quite fun. Or actually, it should be quite quiet, which is fun for me because that means lots of time to sleep.

The downside is that I no longer have any excuse to put off working on my midterm essays. They're actually not bad looking assignments, but I haven't had to write a real paper in over a year and it's sort of hard getting back into the groove.

I spent Friday with a ton of kids. Everybody in the neighborhood came over to play, and only left when we did. I took The Boy, X., and D.C. from down the street out for a while in the afternoon. We went to a Mexican restaurant on a whim, which ended up being a blast because I'm the kind of babysitter that lets kids try out all the different hot sauces. X. "broke a taste, seriously, don't laugh, [he] seriously broke a taste bud." Then we walked around the mall for a while, and stopped at the park for a few minutes. The Boy fell off a tree he was trying to climb over, and scratched his leg. I'm a mean babysitter and used peroxide on the scratches.

The Boy "Oh my God, I can't walk! Oh my God!"
Mean Babysitter: "[The Boy] you just climbed back up that blessed ravine, you can make it to the car. You're nine years-old, I'm not carrying you."
The Boy "Oh my God, you don't understand the pain! Sarah! Oh my God!"

Friday night/Saturday morning was spent helping the Jasmin Family pack and plan their trip. Saturday evening, I went to the fireworks/carnival with baby Ty and family. Sunday, I went to church, the grocery store, and did a mass of laundry, and followed it up with an extended comatose state.

Today, I will go to Cedar Point with my oldest sister, Denise. It should be fun, I think, with the reservation that she's going to try to make me get one of those old fashion style pictures done. I'm not really into those so much, but I guess that's just pride talking, and if it makes her happy, I'll probably cave and just make her swear she'll never show anybody. Which, of course, she will. Humility is a virtue, right?