Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thursday Bitch.





We didn't get back from the Indians game until one last night. I drove home, and got to bed a little after two. I had to get back up again at six to watch Jasmin's kids. What little time I had for sleeping was mostly wasted on thinking about how I really needed to get to sleep, because I wasn't going to have time for sleep.

So I got here to Jasmin's this morning, started cleaning a little and called the car place. They were all booked for the day, except for one cancellation spot, scheduled a half hour after the call. That meant I had to wake the boys up, and try to stuff food down their throats before speeding my ass off to get there. I made it; or at least, I came close enough that it should count, damn it.

Follow that up by hours spent waiting in a waiting room with two little boys who just want to know how much longer it's going to be. Please? How much longer? Can we ask? Is it going to be much longer? I want candy. I'm thirsty. I have to go to the bathroom. How much longer because I want candy and I'm thirsty and have to go to the bathroom, is it going to be a lot longer still?

Finally got out, rushed to Social Security to drop something off for Jasmin and ended up going to McDonald's for lunch. Had to sit in the Playplace. Had to be the busiest Playplace of all time, packed with screaming children. I'm not exaggerating because I'm grumpy; though I am grumpy and would be justified in doing so.

So after that we ran out to my house to get a mouse because Jasmin's is broken and I needed to use the computer for school. When we got there, the kids wanted to walk in the woods. I am an unnecessarily kind babysitter. We walked and walked and walked. My dog attempted to bloodily murder a groundhog in front of my three gap-eyed charges. I had to drag her off; a dog on one arm, an eight-month old on the other.

Jetted back to town. Every kid in the neighborhood wants to come over. I tell them we're going to be leaving in a minute, instantly regretting it when I realize that: a) I now have to go somewhere; b) they'll be back the second we return and expecting to be able to play, since I didn't tell them no just that we were going somewhere.

I am very sleepy. I have a boring class tonight. A warm cat is purring on my lap and inviting me to sleep. I have beds to make and floors to sweep. And I have to go somewhere.

Yeah, today blows.