Friday, July 29, 2005


How sad is it that the most exciting discovery of my week has been that a splash of dish soap will kick the crap out of a chocolate stain on a light blue t-shirt?

I also used salt and water (1-2 tbs/liter) to remove a blood stain (yay! bloody noses!). I've used milk in the past, but it's a less efficient method that requires much soaking. And who likes wasting milk? I've been told that Windex or Colgate toothpaste can also both remove blood stains. I haven't tried either yet, but Windex would be a lot easier. And I'm in favor of lazy solutions.

On a somewhat related note, fabric softener sheets are good for removing soap scum in your bathroom. And they make good shoe deodorizer's if you leave them in over night. And some people say they'll keep mosquitos at bay, too.