Thursday, July 14, 2005


Cedar Point went well. I had a good time with my sister. We had a lot of fun because we're both really laid back. We didn't fight about anything at all, or even snap at each other, which is nice because Cedar Point usually involves screaming and the gnashing of teeth.

I spent Tuesday with Baby Ty. My niece Jessica managed to accidentally stick a nail through her hand Monday night, so she couldn't pick up the baby at all on Tuesday. Ty and I had a lazy day of napping, playing ball and swimming in his baby pool. We discovered a mutual love for those Eggo waffle things that are filled with strawberries. Good times.

I spent yesterday cleaning and studying, which might sound like an awful day, but I actually kind of enjoyed it. I even slept in until nearly 10 o'clock this morning, which rocked. I'm all relaxed and lazy. I don't even feel like getting up to take a shower and starting the day. Mind you, it's 2:30 now, and my day should have started hours ago.

Today will be spent largely on shopping and studying, and going to class. I really don't want to go to class tonight. I think that I don't really like grad school very much. I need to do it insofar as I need to have finished school to work with the people I want to work with, but I'm not enjoying it so much. At least it's only two nights a week.

I'm about to make a huge decision today that will very much alter the course of the lives of many people, some of whom I've never met. I pray that I make the right decision. I'm very nervous.