Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Misery, Layoffs, MIA, Sports and Exhaustion..

I'm sort of having a lousy couple of weeks.

I don't think I wrote about it here before, but my dad's factory is being shut down. It's official now. So the official worrying over my parent's well-being has begun.

A friend emailed me yesterday, saying that a friend we both used to hang out with has been missing for over a week. It looks bad. The email contained the phrase "corpse sniffing dogs." This has me very worried. It's not that I'm terribly close to anyone from that group of friends now, much less the missing guy, but it's terrible thinking of people you once loved having to go through such absolute horror.

These stressors, plus other stressors, are putting me into a bad frame of mind. I'm terribly concerned that I'm being taken advantage of and being pushed around. Mind you, I have been being taken advantage of and being pushed around for some time now, only it wasn't really bothering me before. My change in attitude is based on ulterior misery. I'm hoping to get back to a better frame of mind soon.

I'm getting kind of worn out and tired; from stress and from sickness, and from being broke from having to pay so many damned medical bills.

I'm working on this project that compares two local elementary schools: one in a rich neighborhood; the other in the ghetto. I was taking pictures of the buildings today. I was way paranoid. I kept thinking I would be arrested or something, for preying on children, even though that has nothing to do with it. Our crazy society, plus my own natural paranoia, makes life difficult for me sometimes.

Mystery Baby has learned that if I say "One..." she should say "Two" and then we both say "Three!" and she jumps. Ty has learned that if I say "Three" he should say "Two" and then he says "One" and then we both say "BLAST OFF!" and he jumps. That's the difference five months makes in a baby's development. It's fun to watch them both growing.

The Boy lost his wrestling match last night. The Boy has very bad luck. The ref actually scored his match wrong. He should have gotten three points that weren't credited to him. That would have tied up the match, and he would have gotten another chance at his opponent. The Boy usually kicks in better at the end, and is slow coming out of the gate, so he would have had a good chance at winning. He was really upset. We didn't tell him about his score being messed up; it would only have made him more upset.

The bright side of it is that he's been invited to join the district's elite wrestling team. He's excited about it, and he'll get a real uniform and headgear. The downside for me is that my Tuesdays and Thursdays, plus half the Saturdays and Sundays of every month will have to be dedicated to wrestling. As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting kind of worn out and tired. I was looking forward to sports ending. If he joins the team for sure, there won't be any let up 'til April. Meh.

Then there are baseball sign ups, too. Meh!

In any case, I have actual work I should be doing. And I'm going to actually go and do it now.

I'm going to try to start blogging more soon. It's good for me, maybe. And I always like looking at my archives. When I don't post, I don't get archives, so this is a pattern that needs to stop.