Monday, February 13, 2006


Quick post. Very quick. Time limit. Nothing much to say.

Life is okay. Sickness is getting somewhat better. Blood pressure was 75/55 the other day; this is the cause of some concern. Vertigo is being contained for the most part.

The Boy won his first match at his wrestling tournament. I'm proud of him. He has to wrestle again tomorrow, but I think he'll take gold. That's my Boy!

School sucks. A lot. I've been writing papers like mad. I have a huge project due on Monday, and I have no desire to call the people I'd have to call to get it done as well as I should. Meh.

I had a kind of lousy weekend. Ended up not getting to do anything I wanted to because I was waiting for someone who isn't nearly as dedicated to their own happiness as I am. It's becoming a trend.

I'm considering doing something way out of character. It would require daring and courage. And I'm terrified I'll flop and people I very much want to like me will, in fact, have reason to dislike me. Doing what I'm doing now is easier, if not as rewarding. And I am being of some use, currently, so I don't know if the risk is worth taking. Also, I would have to wear uncomfortable clothing. That's a bigger issue for me than it should be.