Saturday, February 04, 2006

Writing Center.

My university has a program aimed at helping poor writers improve their skills enough to write college-level papers. I've only had to use it once; by force, actually, as it was a requirement of my "Welcome to College" class. I've always said that the damn thing does more harm than good. The folks running it aren't better writers than the kids they're supposedly helping. Check out the most recent evidence:

"Hey [NameOfMyUniversity] Students,
Attached for you is your [NameOfMyUniversity] Writing Center Newsletter.
You are invited to attend the first Writing Center Workshop at the
Campus Coffee House on February 7 during common hour. Bring your
lunch and undress your writing process with us."

Oh, one might claim that it's literary flair. But I blame horny post-adolescents plus poor editing.

It's a good damn thing that Cs get degrees.