Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thursday's Idol & Wrestling. In order of import.

I'm up this early to take The Boy to his first elite wrestling tournament. He's on the elite team now. I keep using the word elite because that's the word he likes. Elite. Oh yeah, he's one of the few, the proud.

Unfortunately for the grown up among us, this means waking up way too early on a Saturday. It's unnatural.

I was disappointed by Thursday's Idol. I predicted that Patrick and Bobby would be the first boys to fall. I still wish it was David though. Early pick for next week is David; out of meaningless, originless animosity toward the poor boy.

I'm too much of a softy to be glad Becky went home. I knew she would, but I still feel bad. I always start to like everybody right before they get voted off. She wasn't so bad really; she was humble enough to know it was coming. I really liked Stevie. She's one whose album I might actually buy when it's released if she gets to really do her own thing. Early pick for next week for the girls is Heather.

Oh yes, I now have a meaningless Idol blog!