Thursday, September 21, 2006

Along the Path.

Sin is a strange thing. It's so much easier to lie than tell the truth. It's so hard to expose one's own shame. Even to the family; even to the friends.

The persistence of sin in the Christian is a bizarre duality. We know that God will punish the sinner. We believe that that which is hidden shall be exposed. We have felt God's awesome power and are motivated to continue on in an otherwise meaningless existence by the knowledge that He is interested in us, that He is guiding our steps, and that He wills that we should continue even if it is against our will to do so.

And yet we lie. We who have known the presence of God willingly step out of it. Because we are ashamed. Because we do not trust our brothers and sisters to forgive us; to help us back up. Pride is an ugly thing. And when pride mingles with desperation and the fear of loneliness, sin arises.

C.S. Lewis wrote that within every man there is a great saint or an unimaginable demon and that each day, we are helping everyone we meet along on their journey to one of those destinations. If we Christians were true Christians, we could be trusted to help our brothers become saints.

How is it then that the world is filled with such darkness?