Wednesday, July 23, 2003

To make up for yesterday’s absent post, and the fact that my poor blog has spent the majority of today untouched, I updated my template, finally. I’m not really satisfied with the changes as yet. But I am thoroughly frustrated with trying to update it. So here we have it, for now.

I really haven’t been doing very much the past few days, which is as nice as it is boring. I’m used to being busy all day every day, so I can’t decide whether or not I’m pleased or displeased. In general, I like doing very little and eating a lot. But on the other hand, I just feel so damned lazy. The lazy angle is something that should never naturally even occur to me. Europe has done bad things to me. I’m all concerned suddenly with being engaged in the world around me. It’s a disturbing trend.

In any case, I’ve actually written two blog entries today that I decided not to post, on the grounds that they were really far too personal. The first was about my family and the second was about my strange psyche. While I’ve never been one for keeping the literate world at a distance from my troubles, I don’t know that it’s the best idea to advertise the more troubling aspects of my personality in a public venue frequented by the people most able to manipulate me. As such, you’re stuck with a post talking about secret posts, which must be quite annoying, I should think.

Sorry. I earnestly apologize for not having anything better to say. But I’m off to rent a movie off television. So, as our dear president is so fond of saying, goodnight and God bless. And I promise to start writing things soon that the world is allowed to read.