Friday, December 05, 2003

Winter in Ohio is all about relearning things.

Things like how to drive in the snow. How you have to stay in the ruts that people have already created in the snow since your little neon isn't a four wheel drive, and how hard it is to change lanes in traffic when there isn't a rut to follow. And how to break half a mile before a stop sign so that you don't slide through it. And how you have to use your wipers in the snow just like it's rain. These are things you don't remember when it's nice and you can drive 65 down back roads in the country.

Today I walked into Ovalwood and remembered the other lessons of Ohio winters. How to push down with your toes when you walk, so you don't slip and fall on the ice. How the electric wires buzz when the snow hits them. How blinding the white of the snow is, and all you can do is blink wildly hoping not to stumble into a snow drift as you navigate the path to your vehicle. How much it hurts to stick your bare fingers down into the snow to make a snowball.

It isn't the first snow of the year, but it's the first real snow of the year. And I'm happy. It makes me glad to think of all of the roofs caked in snow which is smoothed over just right. I think I'd like to see a real desert sand dune some day. But I'd still prefer the snow drifts of Ohio and home.