Friday, November 26, 2004


Discoveries of today:

I joined BlogExplosion. It's supposed to be a service in which you trade visits to other people's blogs for visits to your own. I actually don't care all that much for getting more hits around here, but I've been bored lately and looking for good new blogs to read. So I joined. I found some good new blogs, and best of all, I found a link to my newest great waste of time.

It's no secret that I'm a total geek. A total geek. I like superheros, and comic books, and I like writing stories. Therefore, writing stories about superheros and mutants and comic book heros has always sort of been my thing. Secretly. In a deep, dark drawer that no one gets to explore. I have a lot of characters floating around in my head. And this "easy character design" site is helping to bring those characters to life. I suck at art, so it's awesome to see my mental creations get so close to reality. It's not exact, of course, but it's really pretty awesome. Fellow geeks will definitely enjoy this: HeroMachine 2.0: The Ultimate Fantasy Entertainment Character Generator.