Monday, April 12, 2004

Today has been a particularly productive, if not altogether an unsatisfying, day. That is to say, while I've accomplished much, none of the accomplishments have been all that worth feeling good about.

For instance, it was very productive indeed when, after three hours of effort, I managed to de-spyware my computer. But somehow, it was still unsatisfying. Unsatisfying because: A) I never should've gotten that spyware on my computer in the first place, and I still can't figure out how it got there; B) I should've been more humble and just downloaded Spybot earlier instead of fussing with my registry files for three hours; and, finally, C) I never did manage to fix the problem manually, which hurts my ego more than just a little bit.

It was also productive when I finished all of my assigned readings for the day. And yet, it was unsatisfying that I had to finish the Second Shepherds Play during my ueber boring English class. And it was unsatisfying that though I finished 100-pages of this book I have to read on Muhammad Ali, the book was, in fact, on Muhammad Ali and therefore very, very boring. And it was perhaps the most important bit of productivity of the day that I finished my first article on the Ba'th Party in Syria, the topic on which I'm doing my 598 paper; and yet, that too was unsatisfying. I've realized that I don't give two whits about my topic, and yet, I don't have anything more interesting to do. And I've already done enough work on it that I don't really feel like starting anything else.

Anyway, that's how the day's gone. I mean, it's been okay. And I did get a bit of, what I think is, good news. I will be able to attend my university's field trip to New York this May. It'll only cost me $100, and maybe less. I'm supposed to get some financial aid for it, apparently. That would be nice. But bad news too. I probably won't be able to attend my family reunion in Kentucky this May, on account of no one would be around to take care of the dogs, and mom's being stubborn about letting anyone come out to the house to feed them.

Yeah, well, this is more inane detail about my life than anyone really needs to hear. Looking back on this blog, I wonder why I wrote it all. Then I remember that this is sort of how high-productivity blogging goes. You write a lot, but it's sort of unsatisfyingly bland. In any case, I'll end on that note, since it seems to suit the theme of the day.