Saturday, December 04, 2004

I like my family.

I like my family a lot. Now, you don't need a particularly valid logical reason to like your family. You naturally love them of course, just because they're yours. And you shouldn't only like people for the things they do for you anyway. So, all of that being said, and gotten out of the way, my family really is great.

Example #1: For the last year or so, my laptop has had a serious overheating problem. It's really irritating; you can't use it comfortably for more than 20 minutes without it shutting itself off. The design of my computer isn't great. The fan pushes air out the bottom, which, of course, gets trapped if it's sitting on anything. That, combined with the general weakness of the fan in the last year, has created quite a problem.

So I was researching ways to cool computers about six months ago, and I found this grease which was supposed to cool a computer down, but it cost an arm and a leg for an ounce. My brother and I weren't sure about it, and life has been very busy lately, what with Brett's wife being pregnant and my finishing school and yada yada yada. Well, the baby was keeping Brett up the other night, and he started to think about my overheating problem.

He researched and figured out how to take my laptop apart and clean the fan. Then he got some special kind of grease for me and lathered the processor. And now, I no longer have an overheating problem! My temperature hasn't been over 110, even using all of my system resources for an extended period, since he fixed it. By contrast, a week ago, I expected to always be running between 148 and 170.

My brother is awesome.

Example #2: My mom bought me a winter coat. She had no very good reason to do it, since I'm an adult and perfectly capable of recognizing the changing of the seasons. But she saw a coat, got very excited because she thought it looked like something I'd like, and bought it for me just because. Truth be told, it's not the coat I'd probably choose had I been looking on my own (as I've been meaning to do for...oh, years now), but the fact that she was thinking about me, and wanting me to warm and happy and whatnot, makes me very happy indeed. I'm happy with my new coat because it's the coat my mother didn't have to buy me.

My mother is awesome.