Thursday, January 27, 2005

And yet, I still insist on individual titles.

Life is kind of strange. Just the other day, I was telling Jasmin that I was really impressed because my mom hasn't been in the hospital for almost a year. I guess I cursed it because she's back again.

She had to go to the emergency room yesterday, after spiking a pretty decent fever and vomiting. I wasn't home for that part of it. I was at church with Jasmin. Yes, church. With Jasmin. It's taken her two years of near-constant guilt tripping and nagging, but I finally went. I sort of lost a bet, in a manner of speaking, over a year ago, and promised her I'd go to her church twice. I'm happy to report that, while her church really wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, I'm 50% done now. Yay!

I did get to the hospital not long after my parents did. As of 2:00AM yesterday, the plan was to take her down to Columbus by ambulance this morning. But they don't have any beds at OSU, I guess, so we're going to have to wait it out up here a bit more and see what happens.

OMG, Aaron Neville's "Don't Take Away My Heaven" is on! 1993 was an awesome year.

Oo, it's after 10:00 now, I have to get a move on.