Monday, February 14, 2005

Today has been Productive.

Today has been a productive day.

I finally filed my taxes. I will have a refund. Yay! Only like $120, but I'm not complaining. Hell, that's $120 that's not in my pocket right now, that will be soon. That's something to shout for joy over.

I talked to my niece's school district again today. They owe me well over a thousand dollars, by my estimation, in back reimbursement for transporting the kid to the deaf school. They approved the fund transfer at their board meeting on the sixth, but forgot to call me back and tell me that I needed to present them with an invoice for the work I did. So I called them today, found that out, popped the puppy out on Excel and I'll drop it off today or tomorrow. With any luck at all I'll have my money in a week or two.

So in other words, with my luck, maybe by summer I'll see something resembling money. Yay! Some day, I'll have some money! That's a happy thought!

I redid my mother's medication list for the hospital. She did it herself last time, typo'd, and was actually overdosed at the hospital last time round. This time I did it myself - because I'm freakishly anal and detail-oriented as hell about things like that - and there aren't any more mistakes. So now we're straight on that. Way to go, productive-mode Sarah!

What else? I've worked a little on my personal statement for grad school, though I intend working more on that later. I need to email the lady in charge and find out more precise details about all of the things I need to apply properly.

I want to start working on Jasmin's computer later this afternoon, so I can have that project finished by the end of this week. While I'm there I'll print out my mom's medication chart, and my log for Britty.

So, yay for productivity! Back to work.