Wednesday, October 23, 2002

::sighs:: This might be a repost, I'll delete it tomorrow if it is. I asked the bugger to publish, and it didn't. Anger. I didn't feel like posting the first damn time.

I'm tired, and stressed and rather irritable tonight. I don't feel like doing this. I don't feel like doing anything.

Friday I have to take my niece Brianne to practice for her driver's test. I helped my nephew, so this shouldn't make me nervous. But it does. I don't think it's because we'll be using my car instead of my mom's this time. I think it's that Brianne's friend Heather is coming along, and I'm so antisocial and backward, that it freaks me out to have to meet her. New people are scary. Plus, excess gas money doesn't really fit into my budget right now, but that's a totally different concern.

My head hurts. My muscles are all tense and my eye's started twitching again. I have chest pains. Between my stress and my diet, I'm seriously going to have a heart attack before I'm 25.