Saturday, October 19, 2002

I want Mexican food! I'm hungry. I'm always hungry. I think, most of the time, if I wasn't either thinking about food, or actually eating some, I'd pass out of existence. I'd simply cease to be. All my desirings would be extinguished and there would be nothing left.

All my socks have holes in them. I've literally just tried on three pairs of socks, and all of them have holes. I just bought new socks. Could I possibly have gotten holes in them in the course of a week? What the hell do I do to socks?

I feel a little guilty, because I'm making my dad take me out for Mexican food. I shouldn't, I know, because he worries so much about money. But damn, I'm hungry! And it's not like he spends a lot of money on me usually. I bought my car, I pay my tuition (heh, or the government and scholarships do actually, but if they weren't, I would be), I buy my clothes (which explains why I own nothing that costs more than $20), I buy my own gas and when/if something breaks on my car, I pay for that too. In an average week, I estimate that he spends $10 on my upkeep. Those $10 are usually food related. Yeah, so I'm 20, and maybe my dad shouldn't spend any money on me at all. But he owes me for my cheap childhood. What the hell nice things did I ever get for Christmas? And honestly, all of my friends have parents who help them pay for college and stuff. Even though I don't need that, the fact is, their parents are laying a lot more out for them than mine are. So if you don't like that I make my dad buy me stuff on occasion, screw you, 'cause you don't know, man. Yeah, so that's an empty justification. I'll offer to pay; he won't let me. I can still lay the blame on him. He's an enabler, he is.

I'm tired. It feels like a Sunday and not a Saturday. I feel like I ought to be writing my paper. Perhaps I'll really start it today, because on Sundays, I'm never quite in the mood to do anything at all. It's a holy day. I refuse to work on it. Yeah, that's the ticket...

heh, only click here if you're filthy minded and don't object to profane religious imagery...muahaha!