Tuesday, October 15, 2002

So I have to leave for school in like five minutes and I'm not ready at all, but I wanted to get this blog off first.

Yesterday was a funny day. It was great in the sense that, "woot," I slacked off on my Early Christian History readings really bad, and somehow managed to pull my best discussion grade yet this quarter. I'm not sure that reflects well on my real reading abilities, when I score higher with bs than with my actual observations and reflections. It was bad in the sense that I looked "different" and smelled "fruity." I didn't intend to look different or smell like fruit, but apparently I did because both my mother and my friend April, in unrelated circumstance, related the fact. I don't like different. I like the same. Same is good. Predictible and musty, that's how I like to be remembered!

After class, April, Mike and I were out and about for a while. Pictures from the mall can be found here as soon as I upload them. It was strange sort of. Felt like high school fun again. I'm not used to doing stuff after school. That reflects poorly on my social life, I know.

I'm unhappy. But nothing new there. Maybe I'll be happier in a few hours. As for now, I'm going to have to speed to school to get there anywhere close to on time. ::shrugs::