Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I had a surprisingly good day today.

I didn’t wake up in a pleasant mood. It was hell pulling myself out of bed. But school was less painful today than yesterday. I managed to pay some attention in German. Admittedly, I embarrassed myself by not being able to find page 75 in our textbook. But, you know, I got the question right once I found it. I can read German questions pretty well, but I don’t seem to be able to listen to them. They just don’t process and I can’t figure out why.

Maybe the reason I have so many problems processing questions is that I have some slight autistic tendencies. Now, I’m not full blown autistic or anything. But I do have a cousin who is full blown autistic, and I guess certain traits run in families. Though I’m a fairly decent English student, I do often misinterpret things that people say to me. And I was definitely slow picking up on social cues growing up. I also have an aversion to touch and eye contact; I’m a big believer in personal space. I also pace quite a bit and am completely incapable of sitting still. Not to mention the fact that I loathe tight or scratchy clothing to the point that I can’t stand watches or bracelets or necklaces or what have you. Don’t get me started on my obsessive thought patterns. God, I’m weird, come to think of it.

But back to German, I got an A- on our first exam. I was a little disappointed at first because I really wanted an A. But I was right on the line, and I see no reason to freak over one missed question. Seriously, though I often beat myself over stuff like that, there’s no reason to complain because I got a high A- on my first exam in a subject that doesn’t come to me easily. I’m pretty happy, though I guess I’m going to have to apply myself a little more. I hate having to work for grades.

I’m not working very hard in my History of Early Christianity course. I got an extension on my first term paper today, just because I felt lazy. Everybody else seemed to be doing it and I had no desire to sit up late on a Wednesday night making myself sick trying to write a last minute paper when I could get an extra weekend to write it with no penalty whatsoever. Look for me to complain about this decision Sunday night, when I’m sitting up all night making myself sick trying to write a last minute paper.

I’m sort of nervous because a friend of mine wrote me an email about how he/she has something serious to talk to me about and he/she doesn’t trust anyone else with the information. I hope it’s nothing crazy like he/she’s grown a superfluous testicle or something. I’m always expecting some simple problem like “I lost my job and I’m going to have to quit school and sell my children for drug money.” But instead of something all bad ass like that, my friends always have problems involving superfluous testicles.

Rory just made me take the Implicit Attitude Test. Apparently, I have a moderate preference toward white people, no bias in gender issues and I prefer old age over youth. Most Americans prefer white people over black, associate males with science and women with liberal arts, and associate youth with goodness and old age with negativity. So, I beat the odds on two out of three, not bad.