Sunday, October 20, 2002

I just had a long discussion with my mother. I must be annoying to go to for advice. Damn, I don’t shut up. It usually starts with us fighting over my dad, and I win, and then eventually, we talk about me and my many problems in life.

I don’t like talking to my mother about my problems in life. She doesn’t know me terribly well. Most people don’t actually. I guess that’s my fault. Usually when you’re mad at literally everyone else you know for something, you can only blame yourself. I don’t know how I manage to alienate so many people. But I do.

Fun things I found out tonight about how my mom doesn’t really know me:

1. She didn’t know I had a steady boyfriend for three years when I was in high school. Where was she during this time period?
2. She knew that I wrote stories and poetry, but she didn’t know I wrote “such” stories and poetry. She’s afraid of me now. And I didn’t even know they were depressive sounding.
3. She didn’t know that I have friends that I talk to at school. What, I have the plague or something?
4. She’s convinced I’ll find a boyfriend and never talk to her again. People who met me mere seconds ago should know better than this.
5. She thinks that I’m a follower and do whatever I’m told. Though, seemingly contradictory, she also believes that I’m terribly stubborn and refuse to listen to anyone about anything. I don’t see how these go together, but she claims they do.
6. She thinks I’m somehow less mature than this girl I went to high school with that she knows, because said girl has had oral sex with at least 10 different men in the last few months and has an STD, whereas, for all she knows anyway (and this happens to be accurate), I have had no oral sex, and have no STDs.
7. She thinks there’s something “funny” about my heterosexuality. She also thinks nearly all my friends and John Travolta are gay. She thinks other people are gay too, but I can’t list who they are here, because it might hurt their feelings if they read it (Here’s a hint, if you’re over 16 and not married, you’re gay). Her feelings about my “funny” heterosexuality changed somewhat when she realized that I’d had a boyfriend for three years that she had somehow forgotten, but were reinstated when I told her I had no desire to get married.

April called, so I can’t think anymore to write. But there were oh so many more. Sort of depressing. But then, also quite funny. You know, I could’ve gotten away with a lot more as a kid, if I only would’ve realized how oblivious my parents were about stuff. Of course, since I never had any rules anyway, I never had to try to get away with anything. ::shrug::