Thursday, November 28, 2002

It seems appropriate, since it’s Thanksgiving, to blog about the things I’m thankful for. I’m not a particularly grateful person, I think, but I guess I can muster up a few things to publicly express my joy for.

So, things I’m thankful for this year:

Two parents with an honest-to-God affinity for me.

Siblings who don’t treat me like an annoying little sister. And especially, for the brother, who I recently heard, said very nice things about me to his friends, even in the midst of them making fun of their little brothers and sisters.

Extended family who, while I don’t see them nearly often enough, still claim me in public.

Friends who stick around even though I’m an absolute and utter crackhead sometimes.

Two dogs who act excited to see me every day, even though they’re not really and I don’t deserve the attention.

A country in which I have a guaranteed set of freedoms and a genuine equality of opportunity regardless of my gender, religious affiliation and/or class status.

The chance to attend University, and Professors who make the opportunity less rotten than it could be.

That I live in a time period that allows me to blog, and have vision correction devices, and cars, and indoor plumbing and heating, etc.

The fact that, after 20 years of life, I’ve yet to have suffered anything truly devastating.

My house, my room, my stuff.

A life that doesn’t totally suck, even if I do have too much homework this weekend.

A good selection of music and books laying around my house.

That my mother let me make a lot of the food for Thanksgiving this year; and yet, I know if it turns out rotten, she’ll still shoulder the blame for me.

That I get to see at least some of my nephews and nieces tomorrow.

That I have a chance to go to Europe this summer with one, two, or even possibly three people I actually like.

The common kidney between my father and mother, and how well it's held up after all.

That's all I can think of at the moment, though there are countless things of course. Happy Thanksgiving and whatnot.