Tuesday, November 05, 2002

My friend April is on crack tonight.

S: Little Women.
A: I love that movie!
S: ::laughs:: Movie?
A: Well, I never read the book! What’s so funny about that?
S: Dude, it’s like somebody talking about the Bible and somebody else being all “Oh yeah, I love that movie!"


A: I tried to read it, dude, trust me. It bored me.
S: All books bore you!
A: No they don’t!
S: Name one that doesn’t!
A: Umm…
S: ::laughs::
A: Shut up! You’re making me feel stupid!

And then, she finds the book on the internet.

A: I hate this book, the words are all big! What the hell is love…lovelarn…love…
S: Spell it.
A: L-o-v-e-l-o-r-n-i-t-y.
S: Lovelornity.
A: What the hell does lovelornity mean?
S: Break it down dude. “Love," you know. Then “Lorn.” What’s lorn?
A: I don’t know!
S: What’s it sound like?
A: Umm…born?
S: No! Think like Dedaus’ last name in EverQuest.
A: If I knew I’d fucking tell you!
S: Lorn! Like forlorn!
A: What the hell is forlorn?
S: Like, sad sort of. And all you have left is “ity” which you know.
A: What’s “ity” mean?
S: ::laughs:: It’s a suffix!