Friday, November 01, 2002

Took the last of this string of midterms today. It sucked pretty bad. I didn't finish my essay, but nobody else did either I guess, so, so long as he grades relatively I'll be fine. One book to read over the weekend and a paper to write over the next week, and, outside of that, I'm in the clear for a while.

During the week, school so monopolizes my thinking that you're lucky to read anything from me outside of a report of how much stupid stuff I have to turn in. Weekends are better, somewhat, except then I blog like eight times a day because my social life sucks, and that's all I have to do.

I wish I were in Sligo.

Because this is a largely pointless blog, I'll leave you with a joke. Joke courtesy of my father.

"Guy walks into a bar; it's on the second story of a building. He walks in, starts talking to people. He's sort of loud and annoying. The guy he's sitting by looks up and says: 'Hey, I'll bet you I can jump out that window, do a flip in midair and come back in the window.' The first guy says that it's impossible. Guy #2 says it's not impossible at all, that he can do it, and he'll do it in exchange for the other guy's silence. The first guy's a little offended that the second guy wants him to shut up. So he goes along with it; it'll serve that guy right for being such a jerk if he's smashed up on the sidewalk.

So, the second guy gets up, goes to the window, licks his finger and sticks it out the window. He mutters some calculations. He jumps out the window, does a flip, and lands right back in the bar.

The first guy is amazed! He demands to know how he did the trick. The second guy is mad because the first guy had promised to shut up if he jumped. The first guy keeps insisting that the second guy teach him how to do that. So the second guy promises to teach him the trick, in exchange for a promise that the first guy will leave the bar. The first guy swears he'll go if he can learn to do that.

The second guy says: 'It's all about aerodynamics. I'll tell you when to jump, and you jump. It's all about timing.' The first guy goes nods furiously in excitement. Guy #2 licks his finger and mutters some calculations. Then he says: 'Now!' The first guy jumps and SPLAT hits the sidewalk. Guy #2 goes back the bar, sits down and orders a beer.

The bartender looks up and says: 'Superman, you sure are mean when you're drunk.'"