Monday, October 28, 2002

Frustrating night in some respects.

My German exam has a take-home section. I hadn’t worked on it cause I figured German would be easy. It usually is, so long as you can double check your conjugation charts. However, giving it a good look over the night before it’s due, I see that we’ve never done approximately half of this junk. So, I can either spend a lot of time looking things up and teaching myself or I can takes me chances and hope that nobody else understood how to do it either. If none of us understands it, certainly the good Dr. will let us out of that part of the exam. However, if I just wasn’t paying attention in class or something, or if everybody else all copied off each other’s papers, which is more likely, I may be pretty screwed when I get to class. Notice, I’m only writing about German at the moment and not actually working on it. How do you say: Ich studiere Deutsche nicht! Heh, that’s probably wrong. Oh well, we haven’t learned the rules governing word order yet.

In other news, my car is finally at least partially fixed. I can see to drive at night now. This is a good thing, since I drive at night nearly every night.

This weekend went too fast. It doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything at all. And I haven’t really. I ran around quite a bit for others, but I didn’t do anything much that I needed to have done. I don’t feel ready to go back to school. I wonder how many weeks I’m in now. God, I think it’s sixth week. That sucks. Cause, as much as I like time passing, I think my schedule’s going to suck next quarter. Biology, Critical Writing and more German sound less than promising. Bah, my first class is going to be at 9am in the Winter. What a horrible time to be awake! I’m going to have to be all getting up at like 7:30! Good Lord.