Friday, October 25, 2002

Dear Mr. County Worker on a Back Road,

I realize that your job is a most difficult one. Who would envy your task? Certainly not I, dear Mr. County Worker on a Back Road. No, indeed, I should not like your position at all. It must be difficult to take up the whole road with machinery designed only to take up half of the road. Indeed, it must have required some initiative on your part to block my path so utterly and completely. And for the length of time you managed it, too! People often complain about government workers, but I was indeed impressed by your tremendous effort and effective results. It is not hard to imagine why America leads the world in industry and innovation when geniuses of your magnitude staff even the lowest echelons of the lowest echelons of government.

Indeed, dear Mr. County Worker on a Back Road, the mere fact that you waved me on in spite of the fact that it required me to drive into a ditch and scratch the side of my car on the tree branches you had sprawled about the road, is just one of the oh so many examples of your vast industrial superiority. Why should the fact that there was not enough room on the road for my rather smallish vehicle to pass encumber your labors? You have a job to do, Mr. County Worker on a Back Road. America is depending on you to trim those branches. Let not the needs of this humble traveler stand in your way!

My dearest Mr. County Worker on a Back Road, it is my most fervent prayer that God should bless you with a multitude of children. For indeed, a line as fine as yours deserves to be continued on.