Saturday, October 26, 2002

So, big day today.

Took Brianne driving. Her friend didn't come along so it was pretty cool. Have to do it again tomorrow. Her friend is supposed to come. It'll probably suck. Ahh, well, my niece is well worth the sacrifice, eh?

Went to the football game. It was cold and wet and we won by like fifty points. Jody invited me to go visit some friends of hers in Canada this weekend, but I couldn't go because I have two midterms on Monday I'd have to miss. But, on the bright side, stuff is planned for tomorrow with April. Pizza, mediocre movies, and cookie dough. Sounds like a good time! Angela also wanted to do stuff this weekend. When does anyone ever want to do anything with me? Why four people vying for time in one weekend? It's not my sparkling personality. This much is certain.

I love little Pete’s haircut on Pete and Pete. Early 90’s haircuts for boys were great. I miss grunge. My dog needs to stop barking; I can’t make it stop raining. I imagine the dog community is rather disappointed with human inability to control the weather. After all, we make houses warm in winter, dry in rain, cool in the summer. Why not also outside, where the hunting's better? How about it science?

I love reruns of The Electric Company.