Sunday, October 27, 2002

I had fun tonight.

I’d forgotten how scary Nightmare on Elm Street was. You know, scary in that sort of silly, not really scary unless you ignore how bad the special effects and plot are, and concentrate on the general idea of a nightmare dude coming to get you when you sleep, sort of way.

I saw the tragic death of a possum tonight. I felt rather bad. King of the Hill is right. Preteens have serious blood lust. I’m glad they inflict pain on animals instead of people. But I still feel bad. I don’t even kill spiders, personally, and spiders are the enemy.

April and I totally danced in her living room tonight. It was crazy. You know that scene in movies about teenagers in the 60’s where the girls squeal and dance like jackasses and talk about hot dudes? It was one of those nights. We had milk shakes; friggin’ A, man.

Heh, my television is possessed. It randomly turned itself to TBS. I’m not even near a remote. I don’t mind exactly, because I hate that Santana song with the chick singer, which is what was playing before it flipped over. On the other hand, I’m not really looking forward to watching the National Dog Championships either. MAN! Bark in the Park just got eliminated!

My poor mother is working a double shift tonight. I should be nice and clean up the house a little. But…I’m so tired and lazy. And I hate cleaning. Bah…I could at least pick up the paper I guess…and my shoes…

I wish mom would stop working so hard, so I could stop feeling guilty about being such a slacker.