Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Okay, so, today we're talking about our ages in class. I'm, as usual, the youngest.

Me: I’m 20. Won't be 21 until June.
Girl: WHAT?
Me: Uhh, I’m 20.
Girl: Are you SERIOUS? You look WAY older than that!
Me: Yeah, I’m told I come off a little older.
Girl: A little? Girl! I thought you were OLDER!
Me: heh, how old?
Girl: ::nervous laughter:: Older.

Sweet God! I’m not ready for the nursing home yet people!

An, admittedly sort of senile old man, thought I was my father's girlfriend last year. There's a nearly 35 year age difference between my father and myself. And I've had other comments from people thinking I'm "older," too.

Why do you all seem to think I'm so ancient? My hair, to the best of my knowledge, is far from graying. I don't have any wrinkles; admittedly, I allow my large pores to run free without hindrance from makeup or pore reduction creams. But I don't wear button-up sweaters around; I don't discuss the fine points of knitting or my cats or grandchildren or anything. So what comes off as old about me?

I don't exactly mind being thought of as somewhat older than 20. But it annoys me that I look "way older than 20," and yet, still somehow manage to get carded every time I try to see a rated R film.