Friday, November 01, 2002

I'm so tired. This is the worst Friday ever.

I had to get Brianne quite early this morning to take her test. She failed. She passed the manueverability part, but failed the actual driving test. I didn't get to see her grade sheet, but it sounded like a lot of stupid little stuff added up. Things like her turns weren't squared off enough and she didn't put her turn signal at the proper distance. She probably would've learned all of that if she would've gotten to take driver's ed. I had her cheered up a bit by the time we got her home, but it sucks to fail your test. Monday, we go driving again.

After I came home from Brianne's test, I fell asleep. Or I tried to. I'd only gotten maybe four and a half hours sleep, so you'd think I wouldn't have any trouble crashing. But no. I tossed and turned. Then the stupid dog wanted to go out and finally forced me out of bed to let her. I came back and fell asleep the soundest I'd slept all night or day; fifteen minutes later my mom pounds on the door to tell me my dad called and I should get up to call him back. Flow of sleep was shot to hell by then, so I just got up.

Now I demand the right to be grumpy and tired to everybody.

I think, I may actually go download the old Sesame Street song that Ernie sang: "I Think I'd Like To Live on the Moon." Brianne and I talked about it today, and April and I talked about it the other night, and it stays in my head forever. When I was little, I used to think it was so sad that I'd cry.

Woo! We're going for food! Greek perhaps? Mexican? Italian? ::dances:: I love food. I really do.