Saturday, December 21, 2002

While I wouldn't exactly say that I'm excited for Christmas this year, it hit me a few moments ago, that Lord I want stuff, and Christmas will bring that stuff to me.

I've never been the sort who cheated and opened presents before Christmas. Admittedly once I did accidentally find the guitar my parents bought for me hidden under the bed in the guest room, but it was an honest-to-God accident, and it was like June at the time anyway. But, tonight I'm feeling tempted because my mother said the magic words: "Don't go into my room tonight, I have presents for you sitting on the bed."

I've never cheated before, but damn, it's about to break me. I don't even think they're probably very good presents, but, bah, they tempt!

Don't look back, Lot! Don't turn round Orpheus!

Agh, how can it be helped?

Someone provide me distraction quickly, or I'll cheat, I swear I will.