Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Yeah, I blogged this morning and it didn't show up. Irritating. On the bright side, it was just a dumb blog marking what I'm doing for the next two weeks. So, no loss there. Maybe blogger rejected it for its poor quality.

So today was long and boring. And it's not over yet. But I've discovered a disturbing trend in my sense of humor. My reliance on the pun has increased expotentially. It's terrifying.

We were watching this video on Sponges in Biology. And they were doing this thing where the camera was like a food particle, and you're zooming through the inside of the Sponge body. And I turned to my lab partner and said: "You know, for a creature without a brain, the Sponge really has a rich interior life." She did the ha...ha...pun laugh for me.

Yesterday, Jared was telling me about how one of his professors had marked down that it was a discussion day, but hadn't assigned anything for them to discuss. I said: "No discussion for discussing? That's disgusting." And he did the ha...ha...pun laugh.

It's gotten worse than that. I think it was spending all of the the last few weeks with my dad. I've noticed that he's started to unconsciously pick up my speech habits too. You know you've been hanging around me too long when you can begin to produce sentences containing the words "dude" and "eviscerate." So, unfair trade off, I say. He gets a better vocabulary, and I get a pun fixation. No fair.

I had my mother pop something in the oven for me today. She, of course, didn't follow directions. I told her to keep it frozen until it went in, so she put it in the refrigerator last night after I went to bed. Then she forgot what time she put it in the oven, so I don't know what time to take it out. If it's not cooked right, and I can't eat it, you know she's going to freak over the waste of food. So what if it was her fault? That's not the point! You eat it and get goddamn salmonella, and shut up about it! That food cost at least $1.50! We're not wasting it!