Sunday, March 09, 2003

Today was fun.

My mom cooked like eighty pounds of food, which I proceeded to eat. It was good times.

Then, Angela and I went to pick up Mike. We went to the Bailey Lakes Restaurant again, and then to Walmart, and back to Mike’s house to make balloon animals and watch The Ring.

There were random funny things which happened that weren’t really all that funny, but still cracked me up. Since I haven’t a lot else to write, I’ll write them here. First really funny thing I remember happening was that Daysi couldn’t figure out how to get into my car. She kept trying to get into the back from the front door of my four door car. This was hilarious funny to me, until a few minutes later, I tried to get into my trunk and realized, in a flash of horror and enlightenment, that I was inserting my key into Angela’s trunk and not mine.

Anyway, later we were listening to that T.A.T.U. song “All the Things She Said.” Daysi said: “I thought the lyrics to this song were ‘All the Fifty Cents.'” So we laughed rather a lot and sang it that way all night.

Then we were watching The Ring and this guardian-of-the-videos guy is warning the wanting-to-watch-the-video type guy that if he messes up his video collection he’ll “be all over [him] like white on rice.” So, the guy basically does mess up the video collection. And Angela says a few seconds later: “He wasn’t all over him like white on rice. Unless white lets rice use the phone twenty seconds later…” This was enormously amusing at the time, and we all wept with laughter. Lack of sleep does wonders.

We made balloon animals. Mine was incredibly phallic. Angela took a picture of them all. Will post tomorrow, if I get the chance.

Am quite tired. Only got a few hours of sleep today. That’s mostly okay on weekends when I’m only getting out of bed because I feel like it. I need to have more fun weekends like I had this weekend.

Well, damnit, I just accidentally closed my internet. Good thing I’m typing this is Word. I don’t feel like getting back on. So will post this tomorrow morning. Meh.