Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I skipped class today. I really shouldn't have. But I just didn't have the energy to get out of bed this morning. i only missed notes in Biology. But I was working (sort of - when I was allowed to help, I was working) on that group assignment in German. Hopefully my name will just stay on the paper. I really don't skip class very often. But I've skipped all of my classes three times this quarter. When you're talking about 40 classes on the whole, three days actually isn't all that much; hell, it's a 92% attendence rating, which is a fair site better than most kids I go to school with. But somehow I feel guilty over it. It's an odd feeling for a kid who missed at least 30 days of school every year from Kindergarten up.

I just talked to mom and she seems really depressed. The hospital messed up last night. They were supposed to give her some drug so they could do the big test this morning, but they didn't. So they gave it to her today, and she has to wait until this afternoon sometime before she gets the test. I don't know how long it'll take to get the results. I hope I'll still be there when they come in. I like to hear all of the things mom's supposed to do, that I know in the end, she'll probably never do. She never listens to doctors, which is probably why she finds herself in a lot of the fixes she finds herself in. Of course, then, doctors can be surprisingly incompetent, so they're rather responsible for some of the fixes mom finds herself in too.

I'm not sure if staying home last night calmed me much. The time seemed to pass incredibly quickly. But I managed to have some fun talking to April on the phone last night. It felt a little weird to be laughing freely again. We're going to make a movie called "The Sounds of Fat Music," or something like that. And you can imagine the songs. My Favorite Things: "Pizza rolls, pizza, Greek food and Mexican, Mt. Dew, reading and sleeping til Spring, these are a few of my favorite things. When there's no pizza, when there's no food to eat, when I'm feeling fat, I simply remember my favorite things and then I don't feel soooooooo fat." And, my personal favorite: "Dough, pizza dough, pizza dough, ray of heat to warm my food, me wants to eat and eat and eat, fat I eat my weight in food; so I am so very fat, latte I drink it with my food, tea also with my food, which brings us back to dough, dough, dough, dough...dough, pizza dough, pizza dough..." Yeah, I know it's not terribly funny or anything, and it's sort of odd and loserish, but I swear it was hilarious at the time.

I rescheduled my classes for next quarter because I had a professor drop a class I was supposed to take. So, for next quarter I have: Physical Anthropology; The English Bible; Intermediate German; and Introduction to Photography. I don't think it'll be overtaxing. But they released the Fall master schedule and I was looking it over. It appears I'll have to take: German; Statistics; Ohio History; and hopefully also a non-Western History course or Astronomy, though it doesn't look promising that I'll be able to. Stats will definitely suck, and Ohio History is boring as hell. Astronomy is kind of boring, but not nearly so boring as Geography, which I'll probably have to take if Astronomy doesn't come through. At least that'll be my last German class.