Thursday, February 27, 2003

Just took a massive Bio test. Think I did fairly well, considering. Know I missed at least five points. But it's a big exam, so that may not kill me.

Today sucked. Woke up to a phone ringing. Apparently, mom couldn't get out of bed this morning, and she'd tried to yell for me. But being as she can't yell very loud at the time, and I was in the midst of deepest sleep, it didn't wake me up. She tried to call my brother on the phone, to no avail. She left a message on his answering machine. When his wife got home this morning, about two hours after the call, she called us. That woke me up. I guess she's staying at the house today. This is good since I won't be home until 8, and she's a registered nurse besides. Many crazy events thus far.

But I'm feeling pretty good about my exam.

German should be fun today, nothing overly stressful. Then I'm going to do some Biology homework. All we have to do is read a couple of articles in National Geographic, write about a paragraph on each, and we get 25 points. This should bring my grade up a bit. I'm hoping for an A- by the end of the week. An A by the end of finals week.

Ahh, well, it's busy in the computer lab, and I have my usual annoying paranoiac fixation that somebody might be reading this over my shoulder. Don't ask why I care if someone's reading over my shoulder, since I'm posting to a public blog. It just bothers me, all right? It just does. So there.