Monday, February 24, 2003

Mom's okay. Surgery went off without a hitch, though she had a bit of trouble waking up from the anesthesia and they had to give her breathing treatments. I didn't get to visit long. And I feel a bit bad about not being able to go see her tomorrow either. But she seems okay. Maybe a little more out of it than usual after a surgery. But she said to me, while half asleep, "This wasn't so bad after all. It was really not so bad." And I'll take her word for it. I just hate having to be in school while she's in the hospital.

In any case, other things worked out well today. My German exam was moved to tomorrow, out of the goodness of the good Herr's heart. I really should study tonight. I will, I think. But maybe instead I'll just go to bed really early and get up rather early too. Though, to be fair, that never seems to work out.

I had an incredibly lucky day on a number of counts.