Monday, February 24, 2003

Poor neglected blog. The business of last week hasn't slowed as yet. It's slowed my thought process, my reaction time, my ability to reason; but as yet, it itself is yet to have slowed. So I write this in the midst of my frustration.

Today, I have a Biology quiz over material I missed on Thursday, while I was at the hospital. I can't complain about this really. I'm in college; I'm responsible for stuff, even when it can't be helped that I missed. I then have to try to reschedule my Protein Synthesis Exam for Tuesday, because I really want to leave straight for the hospital after class today. German class, that is. In German, I have an exam that I'm not ready for at all. I don't know how to give directions, and I'm still screwing up basic sentences. I can't blame anybody for the fact that I missed review except myself; but I missed the damn review for mom's surgery, which as you know, she ended up not getting. So now I'm in overdrive, trying to catch up. And it's not working. These tests aren't going to be my usual easy A's, just because I can't think coherently. I'm too busy being, to be thinking.

I can't wait for this quarter to be over. It actually feels like it just started, but looking at my Biology folder, it appears we've only three weeks left to go until finals. That seems like a long stretch of time from the perspective of this writing, but come finals time, it won't have seemed so very far past.

I just want magic from the sky to possess my brain and help me to do better on these exams than I deserve. Is that really asking too much?

So, mom's getting her surgery today. And I'm worried about it, even though I know I can't help anything at all, so I might as well just sit back. I'm not wired for that. In fact, my stomach's doing turns enough that I think I shouldn't eat anything. But then, if I don't eat now, I may very well not get another chance - again - to do so until maybe nine or ten at night. It's all very frustrating. Everything's messy.

But I have to go, my exams demand my attention. Will try hard to post tonight, though it will likely be quite late, what happens to my mother at the hospital.