Friday, February 21, 2003

I am such a reject.

I had to take a makeup exam this morning. Or I was supposed to, anyway. But the Prof. didn't show up to administer the exam, so I came home. I wrote her an email. Entitled: "Photosynthesis Exam." Problem here being, I was supposed to be taking an exam on "Protein Synthesis." I'm sure she's going to think I studied long and hard for this one. Ahh, to be young and stupid.

So, yes, I feel like a reject.

Driving down High Street yesterday, I was thinking: "So, this would be my college town, if I wasn't such a loser, stuck at the branch." I think I'd sort of like bumming around High Street. Lots of wonderful, filthy-looking, ethnic restaurants.

But then, as the stress test scare of last night reminded me, I like being home too. I'm very fond of my family, really. I was thinking last night, about how my sibling relationships are so weird. I've never really fought with any of my brothers and sisters; in a family of five kids, that's pretty unheard of. But being the youngest, with my nearest sibling all of six years older than me, and the oldest of my siblings being sixteen years older than me, I really didn't grow up with them the way that a lot of folks grew up with their siblings. My brothers and sisters do nice things for each other, for no reason other than that we like to make each other happy. It's a nice way to be when you think about it.